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Why Use Heritage Glass for Period Properties?

Two unique categories of glass are much sought after in today’s market –Glass for Period Properties and Krypton filled double glazed units. Heritage Units are thin Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) suitable for period properties and conservation areas. Standard double glazing would not be suitable, as any work carried out on these properties must either preserve or enhance the character of the period properties.

Heritage Glass for Period Properties

In the 19th century, in almost every historic structure, you would come across a great deal of artistic Glass for Period Properties work. The doors, windows, and many other aspects had special glasses that were manually made and customized to match the theme of the building.

Till a few years back, restoring these glassworks was a real challenge, and often, you would come across fake products that destroy the authenticity and beauty of the monument. But thanks to modern equipment and technique that the same kind of glass is being replicated and is now being widely used for restoration purposes. We are one such organization that specialises in this domain in the UK.

Krypton Filled Double Glazed Units –

What is Krypton? Why is Krypton the Best Option for Heritage Units?

Krypton is one of the best insulating elements and thus provides excellent benefits.When Krypton is used in thin double glazed units it performs far better than Argon in units up to 12 mm cavities. Though the Krypton filled double glazed units is a pricey affair, but when it comes to the aspect efficiency hardly.

There are any other double glazed units which provide efficiency as excellent as this unit.Many glass manufacturers use a blend of Argon and Krypton, but primarily Krypton Filled Double Glazed Units are the best. We again are one of the best manufacturers when it comes to Krypton filled double glazed units.

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Why use Krypton?

Krypton is a heavy inert gas that works well in slimmer cavities offering a much higher insulation value than argon in cavities from 4-12 mm. Krypton works better than Argon up to 12 mm cavity. Krypton filled double glazed units are the most recommended for period properties as they are the most affordable and high quality.

Can You Have Triple Glazed Heritage Windows

Yes, we can manufacture triple glazed Krypton filled double glazed units with an overall thickness of 20mm for period properties. This would have a sight line of 6 mm for period properties which gives a far superior centre pain u value.

What is Xenon?

Xenon is also a heavy inert gas used in heritage units and it is the highest quality but also the most expensive. Xenon is usually permitted in exceptional circumstances; it is not a common occurrence for conservation areas and period properties. Krypton Filled Double Glazed Units are the most recommended as they are affordable and high quality Glass for Period Properties.

What is Argon?

Argon is the standard and cheapest filler for windows however it is not the most efficient in cavities below 12 mm. It does work; however, Krypton is well recommended as it can give up to a 1.1 / 1.2 u value for optimum insulation.Argon is most efficient in cavities of 14 mm – 20 mm.

What is a Heritage Super Spacer?

A high performance warm edge spacer system, Super Spacer® Heritage is designed especially to meet the needs of the restoration,replication and refurbishment sectors where the overriding criterion is authenticity. Desiccant filled with pre-applied adhesive, the structural foam spacer significantly simplifies sealed unit manufacture yet enables slim sightlines and narrow unit cavities.

What should I use to fit heritage units? Hodgson’s Putty

The traditional way of glazing units in period properties is to use linseed oil which is suitable products to not react with the hot melt sealant we recommend Hodson’s putty replacement.

What should I use to fit heritage units?

There are three main glazing methods and we recommend the H1 Glazing System we recommend Hodgson’s putty replacement as it is elastic when cured giving a higher movement accommodation than traditional putties, this is beneficial when used in applications with a reduced sight line and / or narrow rebates in order to accommodate movement.

We also recommend it as it ‘skins over’ within 3 hours and is fully paintable the next day. There is no need to pin the units in as the putty will hold the unit and is suitable for pointing. Usually when using other putty’s, it can take months for it to solidify and unfortunately birds end up eating it! So,we like to make sure that our customers use Hodgson’s putty so that they do not have this issue.

Some customers previously did not like this method as putty is very sticky and some might find it difficult to handle. However, once they have persevered with it, they have learnt that all the additional benefits are worth it.

We also recommend the H7 Glazing System.the H7 Glazing System.The H7 Glazing System is suitable for the restoration of period properties, listed buildings and glazing in conservation areas in all frame types where a painted or un coated finish is required.

However, there is an alternative Glazing Method which is suitable for heritage units. This is The H5 Glazing System. This method is the least favourable Glazing Method but is effective.

recommend glazing tapes as they We also are not efficient to protect the moisture from inside the house.

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